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Blue Mariah Band Releases Second Single “It’s Gonna Get Better”

The Blue Mariah Band was thrilled to add “It’s Gonna Get Better” to the 12-song Southern Cross Album. “It’s Gonna Get Better” is a song that talks to you without judgement, it reassures you that, It’s Gonna Get Better, It speaks of how life is full of daily ups and downs. Every day thousands of people experience bullying, whether at home, school, work, or on the street. The trials and tribulations of life, defy who we become, and who we are as a human.

“Its Gonna Get Better” is a positive, uplifting, way to help someone get through the bad day, week, month or year. Share this song, it grabs the hearts strings and drives you to succeed. If you or someone you know has a child, that is, or has been bullied, please share this song and acknowledge the advice below.

The Blue Mariah Band believes “Through Music We Can Change Lives”.

red more at the following link:

NEWS ITEM 1: "Yankee Boy" Released as a Radio Single 7/6/18


The beautiful and mysterious ballad "Yankee Boy," from Blue Mariah's newest album Southern Cross has been released today as a single aired for radio play in the United States. The song, written by Nashville songwriter Dennis Knutson, is performed hauntingly well by Blue Mariah's Cheryl Arnold on lead, with sister Tammy providing harmony. This magical blend of the two sisters makes this tune truly a staple of the Southern Cross album.  Download and stream "Yankee Boy" now, along with the rest of the album on Amazon, Spotify, iTunes, and Deezer radio. 

Inked Sony / The Orchard Distro Deal


Blue Mariah Band has inked a distribution deal through Nashville's Perry Music Group with Sony's The Orchard, the largest indie distributor in the world. With a publishing group at the core of the organization, (including the catalog of the late songwriter, Wayne Perry) Perry Music Group's joint venture as an imprint via The Orchard enables PMG to provide digital distribution in 243 territories globally. Perry Music, headed by Bryan Wayne Perry, also provides a variety of multi-faceted label services to accommodate their distribution agreements with their clients.

News Flash

One of Seattle's top Rock Bands — Tammy and the Attack, and the Pacific Northwest's Premiere Party Band — Blue Mariah have combined to form:

Blue Mariah featuring theArnold Sisters

This blending of two of Seattle's top bands features:

The beautiful and talented Arnold Sisters: Cheryl and Tammy on vocals
Musician extraordinaire John Mucklestone on keyboards and vocals.
One of the finest guitar players on the west coast, Billy Ray Barnard
Founding member Mike Stipek on bass and vocals
Our Rock solid drummer Dan Pakinas
Our newest member, Justin Mucklestone on guitar and vocals, providing those ever so important guitar hooks

The new Blue Mariah band featuring the Arnold Sisters will be a fantastic high-energy explosion of both Party Rock and High-Energy Country music.

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